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Fire Sheep
2 players
Curator: ptpham

In a desert land, players must herd sheep to feed at their meager grass patches in the middle of the board. Players have three powers that influence individual sheep at their disposal: burn, freeze, and a one-time-use kill. Sheep will move in the direction they have previously been moving if they are left alone. A "burn" action will set a sheep on fire. A burning sheep will remain on fire for one turn and turn to the left once. Any sheep that are on the same tile as a burning sheep will themselves be set on fire. A frozen sheep will not move for one turn, but will turn to the right when it thaws. Since players make moves simultaneously, it is possible for a sheep to be both frozen and on fire. In this case, the frozen state takes precedence. A burning sheep will burn away grass tiles over which it traverses. A player will gain 10 points by having at least one sheep on one of his grass patches for two consecutive turns.

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