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2 players
Curator: mrg

Asylum is a variant of chess based on Shogi. The game is played on a standard Chess board with standard Chess pieces. The pieces move in standard fashion with the following exceptions - there is no castling, there are no en passant captures, and pawns reaching the opposite side of the board remain as pawns. A more important difference from Chess is the management of captured pieces. When a player captures a piece, it changes color and goes into that player's reserve. On subsequent moves, in lieu of a regular move, a player may place any piece from his reserve on any open square of the board. Another difference from chess is that there is no check and no checkmate; kings may be captured just like ordinary pieces. The objective of the game is to take as many opponent pieces as possible. Each player's final score is a linear function of the number of pieces that player controls, with every piece worth approximately the same amount. The game ends after 60 steps or when one player has no remaining material.

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