We are proud to announce that our annual GGP competition will be held at the AAAI conference, on July 27-31, Qu├ębec City, Canada. This is a great year for GGP, as we have successfully completed a massive online open course (MOOC) about GGP this past Winter. We hope that the number and the quality of applicants will significantly increase this year.

Due to an increase in the number of competitors, we plan to hold a qualifying round before the actual competition. This will allow us to have the best players competing this year at the conference.



Registration and qualifiers

Registration will be opened to all in Spring (we target March for the moment) on this website. To register, you will only need to have a functional player that is able to connect to our Game Servers. We will provide services so that you will be able to check that you can indeed connect yours players to us. We will inform you when the registration starts

The format of the qualifying round is still under discussion, but we plan to test your players on a variety of situations : single player, multi player, cooperative, etc...

The main event at AAAI is reserved to applicants who have demonstrated sufficient skill during the qualifying rounds. 

[Updated on June 26]



Remote competitors

Even though we would like to have the very best players compete, we also have to be pragmatic. GGP may be gaining momentum, but we are still a young field. We cannot afford to have a live competition, but have only remote players. We are still discussing the details, but we would like to have at least half the competitors to be physically present. Of course, you may still use a remote machine if coming at the competition is too hard for you, but it is our feeling that having a physical presence makes the competition more interesting to watch for the people attending AAAI-14.

An idea would be that (if we keep with the goal of having 16 competitors) we would select the top 8 players of the qualification round, and then fill in the last 8 remaining spots such that we have at least 8 players present with us. This also means that if there are 8 or more players who can be present in the top 16 of the qualifiers, then this new rule has absolutely no effect, as we would just qualify the top 16. So, we could have between 8 and 16 competitors present physically at the competition.

We do not believe that this will hurt the quality of the competition. For example, during that latest iteration of the competition, both finalists were physically present with us.



Main event

We wish to use a format similar to the one used in the MOOC and in the GGP 2013 Competition. The main event will be divided in a group stage and a bracket stage.

The group stage will consist of putting the competitors in smaller groups (the seeding will be done according the the ranking in the qualifiers) where every player will play against every other player several times.

The best players in each group will advance to a standard tournament bracket (the seeding will be done according the the ranking in the groups) until we have a tournament winner.

And after all that is done, our sympathetic Carbon vs Silicon showmatch will take place! This is often a highlight, and we managed to grab quite an impressive audience last year!



Thank you very much, and tune your players!