2015 GGP Competition Announcements

Edit: Dates and times for the additional qualifying rounds have been set. See the adjacent page entitled "Qualification overview" for more information.
Important Note: Due to certain conflicts, the 2015 GGP Competition has been moved to August 4-5 and will not take place on July 22-23.

Please make note of this change. We will still be holding a qualifying round on Friday, July 17 at 2 p.m. Stanford time. We will have additional qualifying rounds in the coming weeks leading up to the competition, times to be announced. Please make note of this change and feel free to contact the competition staff with any questions or concerns.



We are pleased to announce that the 2015 GGP Competition will be held on July 22-23 at Stanford University! An earlier post on this site stated that the competition would be held July 25-26, but in order to avoid conflict with IJCAI, we have moved the date of the competition. Please make note of this change! We also apologize for the lack of information to this point about the competition!

This has been another great year for GGP, with another successful massive online open course (MOOC) about GGP taking place in the spring. We hope that the number and the quality of applicants will continue to grow!

Because of the relatively large number of competitors, we will hold several qualifying rounds before the actual competition. This will allow us to have the best players competing this year in the main event.

Registration and qualifiers

Registration will be opened to all in the coming days. To register, you will only need to have a functional player that is able to connect to our Game Servers and you will need to register on this website. We will provide services so that you will be able to check that you can indeed connect yours players to us. We will inform you when the registration starts.

There will be six qualifying rounds which will take place July 7th through July 17th. Players are welcome to compete in multiple rounds, but all that is necessary to qualify for the main event is a successful performance in one of these rounds. There will be more information posted about the exact dates and times of these rounds in the coming days. This information can be found in the 2015 GGP Competition menu.

From the qualifying rounds, we will select the top players to compete in the final two-day competition. There is no fixed number of players that will qualify.

In the qualifying rounds and the actual competition, we plan to test your players on a variety of situations: single player, multi player, cooperative, etc., so prepare your players accordingly.

Remote competitors

Even though we would like to have the very best players compete, we also have to be pragmatic. We cannot afford to have a live competition, so we plan to have only remote players. If everything goes well, we should have a live stream of the competition for at least some of the first day and most of the second day, so tune in to watch the best of the best go head-to-head!

Main event

We plan to use a format similar to the one used in the MOOC this spring and in the 2014 GGP Competition. The main event will be divided in a group stage and a bracket stage.

The group stage will consist of putting the competitors in smaller groups (the seeding will be done according the the ranking in the qualifiers) where every player will play against every other player several times.

The best players in each group will advance to a standard 8-player double-elimination tournament bracket (the seeding will be done according the the ranking in the groups) until we have a tournament winner.

And after all that is done, our legendary Carbon vs Silicon showmatch will take place! This is often a highlight, especially last year during an epic battle between Sancho and his carbon-based opponent!


Thank you very much, and tune your players! If you have any questions, join us on the forum (preferred) or contact us directly:

  • genesereth 'at' stanford.edu
  • decoster 'at' stanford.edu
  • ccate 'at' stanford.edu