Here are the initial matchups for the double-elimination final round:


Sancho v. TurboTurtle

General v. Galvanise


The first matchup will be best of 5 games, which include Breakthrough, Pentago, Alquerque (zero-sum) and Chinook (if necessary).

Tune in to the chat to follow the players' discussion and also the live stream. You can also view live matches at this link. To follow the scoring, refer to this scoresheet.


Galvanise defeats General 3-0 and Sancho defeats TurboTurtle 2-0 in 4 games with 2 draws.

In the winner's bracket, Galvanise upset defending-champion Sancho 3 games to 2. In the loser's bracket, TurboTurtle narrowly defeated General 2-1 (2 draws).

The next round pits Sancho against TurboTurtle in an elimination best-of-5 series. Sancho takes the series 3-0 with one draw.


The grand finals is underway! Tune in now to see Galvanise v. Sancho!

Congratulations Galvanise!! Galvanise upsets Sancho 4-1 in the grand finals! Galvanise also beat the puny humans in the Carbon v. Silicon match with ease!