The registration for the GGP Competition 2014 competition is now open!

Signup/Login and follow the registration link in your User Menu.

 Details about the qualification phase can be found 2014 Qualification Phase

You can now register for the first qualifier which will be hosted on July 3rd, 9 a.m Stanford time.

The current 49 registered players. Come join and participate with us! The players highlighted in green have successfully managed to qualify for the main competition



33L3gal AIRush Abhishek Affla2s
Ajrolfs1 Alexheld Alloy Ary
Barburger Bilel Dan Dinesh
Dumalion GLaDOS Galvanise Gamer
General Gundbear Harvind KYNO
Kebriam Khal Khan Knower
Knower LICAgent LeJoueur MINI Player
MasterTE0 Megadragon Monk Saki MyPlayer
Mysoremessi Pj Poopsnagle QFWFQ
RafaMontoya Richhz Sancho Sarah
Schult1 ShellShock Shelvacu Summertek
Testing TurboTurtle Valor Wpae
Xopxe QuorumPlayer