After a whole day of players going against each other, we have our winners for this year's International General Game Playing Competition! Congratulations to our new champion, Sancho, who performed magnificently until his ultimate victory in the competition! Congratulations as well to our second place winner, LeJoueur, who was undefeated before facing Sancho, and was the only player to score a victory (in a nonbiased game) against him; good job to QFWFQ and Alloy, who placed third and fourth respectively. After the competition, we played the annual Carbon versus Silicon match, where me and two of my colleagues representing the Carbon side fought valiantly against Sancho but were mercilessly crushed.

Make sure to tune in for next year's International General Game Playing Competition, where we will have even stronger players and even harder games! Also, if you feel like you can represent the human race better than us (which is probably true), Sancho will be present at the AAAI conference next January, and you will have the opportunity to face off against him (and get mercilessly crushed as well) in a large selection of games.

Tournament results here.

Match results here.