International GGP Competition 2016!

The 2016 edition of the General Game Playing competition has finished, and the champion is a newcomer : Woodstock!

The competition was once again a 2-day event, where the participants played in a group stage during the first day. Their rankings during the first day would set up the seeds of the double-elimination tournament of the next day. It is notable that the top 4 general game players of this iteration form the exact same list as the last 4 winners of the GGP competition, albeit in a different order.

This year's games were once again as diverse as possible, and included a selection of brand new games. The emphasis was put on analysis of game rules, with so-called "bad" games which have a significantly better reformulation, and "factoring", which consists of dividing a game in independent subcomponents

ere are the final rankings : 

  • 1st : WoodStock
  • 2nd : Galvanise by Richard Emslie
  • 3rd : TurboTurtle
  • 4th : Sancho by Steve Draper and Andrew Rose
  • 5th/6th : SteadyEddie
  • 5th/6th : DROP-TABLE-TEAMS
  • 7th/8th : QFWFQ
  • 7th/8th : General
  • 9th/10th : Alloy
  • 9th/10th : MaastPlayer

We would like to thank all our participants once again

The Stanford GGP team